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We create websites, promotional material and animated videos to help explain and educate anyone about anything!

If you need to explain what your business does, or why it is different, a videoscribe is the best way of conveying that information.  Words and pictures are drawn on the screen in real time and a voice over and / or musical soundtrack added to enhance the learning experience.  The result is a captivating educational experience that enables your audience to retain the information.

Our clients include Flint Hosts:

Ilfracombe Film Festival

A Breath of Shamanic Wisdom:

Astra Mining:

Depleting the Earth – man’s greed for potein:

The Society of Local Council Clerks:

Ilfracombe Art Trail:

One Ilfracombe:

The Tourist Information Centre:


SeaGreenSchool Ilfracombe:

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A bit about me: I’ve spent a third of my working life as a research scientist, a third in sales and marketing and a third in education. It is this unique combination of experience that helps me make engaging videos.

My passions are science, music and art so I’m very excited about bringing the three together to satisfy my creative streak! I love the work of TED and RSA animate and they have inspired me to try and create my own resources.  My experience as a teacher and also an examiner for iGCSE, AQA and OCR means that I can tailor my videos to help students gain better marks in exams. I create A level and GCSE chemistry videos in my spare time and they are a work in progress. I owe thanks to my vast supply of teenage critics (including my sons) that have helped me make these videos better and less boring!

I’ve just received this lovely email from the chairman of my local council.  I’ve been commissioned to create a videoscribe explaining what the council does and how it is improving the town of Ilfracombe:

It is an incredibly clever, inspiring and captivating piece of work.  I have absolute admiration for your skills and imagination. For more than two years, we have been attempting to convey a message as to what the power of Localism can mean, both in our town and to other communities. In just 4 minutes 30 seconds you have achieved that in such a fantastically unusual way. I love ideas that are different and your work is simplistic in presentation, but complex in development. What an achievement. 

At an emotional level, I was reminded of all the hard work undertaken by so many people and felt incredibly proud of each and everyone. The video actually brought a lump to my throat. The soundtrack added to the power of the message.


If you want me to create a professional on-line presence for you, please contact me to discuss your requirements. My email address is concept2cartoon@gmail.com, telephone 01271 867616

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