One Ilfracombe promotional video soon to be launched!

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I’ve just received this lovely email from the chairman of my local council.  I’ve been commissioned to create a videoscribe explaining what the council does and how it is improving the town of Ilfracombe:

It is an incredibly clever, inspiring and captivating piece of work.  I have absolute admiration for your skills and imagination. For more than two years, we have been attempting to convey a message as to what the power of Localism can mean, both in our town and to other communities. In just 4 minutes 30 seconds you have achieved that in such a fantastically unusual way. I love ideas that are different and your work is simplistic in presentation, but complex in development. What an achievement. 

At an emotional level, I was reminded of all the hard work undertaken by so many people and felt incredibly proud of each and everyone. The video actually brought a lump to my throat. The soundtrack added to the power of the message.

Watch this space for a sneak preview of the video.  Local musicians Charmaine Lilley and Sam Dowden have provided the backing track so it’s awesome!

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