I was recently commissioned to create a video by a company called Astra Mining in Saudi Arabia.  It was a very short deadline as they were exhibiting at a stand and wanted point of sale information about their products.

They were very pleased with the results and I enjoyed making the video as it combined animation, marketing and chemistry!


I was approached by film producer Jo Stewart-Smith to create an animation for “Boat Stories – every boat tells a story”, a series of ten, colourful short documentaries filmed out on boats along the North Devon coast.  My animation is now featured on the Blue Ray DVD, to purchase a copy, or for more information, visit

This is an example of a bespoke video for Flint Hosts. A male voiceover, corporate colours and a simple design helps gets the message across in a very effective way:

For point of sale exhibition stands, voiceovers are not required. This is a version of the animation with a simple backing track:


I’ve also been helping the Tourist Information Centre in Ilfracombe promote events in the town.  Here’s my video for events in July and August.  A Facebook version was created and a movie plays on the screen outside the Landmark Theatre.

I’m also one of the organisers of Ilfracombe Art Trail

Poetry is an important part of Ilfracombe Art Trail, so I animated James Wood’s wonderful poem about his dog – titled “My Dog Smells”

Here’s my video promoting the event:

George wrote this poem in response to Pam Ayres disparaging poem about Verity:

The photo of Verity was taken by Lee Hickman.

As the lyrics say, “what have you done today to make you feel proud?” Well, I’m very proud of a video I’ve just made explaining what the council’s “One Ilfracombe Project” is all about. I am deeply indebted to the very talented local musicians who helped make the backing track. It was awe inspiring watching Charmaine Lilley and Sam Dowden perfect this piece of music for the project. Lee Duffel’s technical wizardry getting the sound right was also a great learning experience.

It prompted this lovely email from the chairman of the council:

It is an incredibly clever, inspiring and captivating piece of work.  I have absolute admiration for your skills and imagination. For more than two years, we have been attempting to convey a message as to what the power of Localism can mean, both in our town and to other communities. In just 4 minutes 30 seconds you have achieved that in such a fantastically unusual way. I love ideas that are different and your work is simplistic in presentation, but complex in development. What an achievement. 

At an emotional level, I was reminded of all the hard work undertaken by so many people and felt incredibly proud of each and everyone. The video actually brought a lump to my throat. The soundtrack added to the power of the message.


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